Lifestyle Family Photo Session: The Beautiful Bullock Family

I've known this gorgeous mamma for a long time. I've watched her (admittedly in envy) as she shred up the waves as a killer surfer. She's now left these shores, living with her hottie hubby and two amazingly beautiful kiddos in the States. 

When she contacted me to make images for her family, I was beyond thrilled. We spent the afternoon together exploring her 

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Interpretation Center & Admirals Inn Restaurant Wedding, Antigua: Lucy + Drew

They met at a concert, and shortly after, they started their romance by traveling throughout the Caribbean, Antigua being their first stop. They knew Antigua would be the perfect place to start their new life together as husband and wife.

When we met this fantastic due, we instantly knew they were something special. The way he looked at her, the way she adored him. Their shy smiles, suddenly breaking out into laughs, it was truly magical.

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The Drift Restaurant Barbados Wedding: Kathryn + Raphaël

She is from Australia, he is from France, they met in the States, and live in Barbados with their two gorgeous kids. It’s kind of a global love, no?

I met them when I took images of their family, and the soul that lived in their home was so calming, yet so joyous and full of life. And on the morning of their beautiful beach sunset wedding, nothing had changed. The coolness of this bride showed no nervousness. 

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Atlantis Hotel Barbados Wedding: Val + Matt

His friends told him all about her – that she was a business woman, great at what she does, completely off the charts fun, and a killer surfer. (Believe me, I’ve seen her out there for years, and she is the AH-MAZING!). On a snowy night in Montreal, he picked her up and they went for drinks in a little bar near her house. There and then, the conversation that would start the rest of their lives took place.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

To be asked to photograph a wedding is amazing.. To be asked to travel to the wedding is almost the cherry on the cake - who doesn't love to work and travel?  To be asked, to photograph the person who has been with you side by side since you were 10 years old.. well that's just priceless.

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Wedding simplicity

There’s nothing more beautiful than simplicity.

I’ve seen (and had) weddings where things go crazy, get out of control, families fight over money, guests lists, alcohol, the cake, the menu – and not to mention the photography: pages of poses, the must have shots – in this tornado of completely unnecessary “stuff” (in the end, it is just stuff ), what’s really important gets totally neglected.

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