30 minutes in the life, November 2016

Every month I get together with a group of amazing women around the world and share our documented lives in 30 minutes. It’s absolutely fantastic to see what we do, on a regular day, for just 30 minutes. 

This month for me is different. We didn’t do much as a family, and this is for two major reasons. I have been shooting back to back almost daily, and back to back weekends for weddings. It’s been amazing, but time with my family is so little right now. What I do have, I spend with Adi. She has her big exam at the end of the year – the pressure is insane, and just not right to place on a child. But it has to be done. So apart from shooting and editing, this, right here, is how we spend our time together – studying. It breaks my heart for her, and for Ella, who is getting very little attention from me. It’s just for a time I keep telling myself… Just for a time. 

Please continue the circle here to see 30 minutes in my beautiful friend’s life, Sophie James from Scotland. 

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