East Coast Barbados Engagement Session

East Coast Barbados Engagement Session

East Coast Barbados Engagement Session

When I walked out of the car and met them on the side of the road overlooking the East Coast at Cherry Tree Hill, the three of us just started grinning. We had never laid eyes on each other before, but somehow, we all knew that this was going to be one fun session.

It can always be slightly nerve wracking for the first 5 or 10 minutes in front of the camera, and this is why I love doing engagement sessions before the wedding – it gets all the heebeejeebies out of you before the big day. But, as you can see, there was no need to “warm up”. We started laughing from the first photo taken.

We made our way through the long and gorgeous East Coast road, making several stops – between the coconut trees, next to the “Random House” (I’m not kidding, it is a random house in the middle of nowhere, and funnily enough, the name of the house is “Random House”), and finally to the rugged shores, and favorite place, Cattlewash.

There was such ease and love between them, and it totally showed.

I know great things are in store for July… I cannot wait.



newly engaged couple together at Cherry Tree Hill Barbados Fiances share a kiss on a rock at Cattlewash Beach in Barbados

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