Santosha Barbados Wedding

Santosha Barbados Wedding

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Santosha Barbados

I have known Nicholas sine I was 14, and when I met Amanda, it was as though I’d known her all my life. She told me the story of her absolutely stunning, totally unique wedding dress, and I knew this wedding was going to rock. And it did.

Set among the wild scenery of the east coast, Santosha looks over the moody ocean and it is gorgeous. Amanda and Nicholas got ready on the same floor, in two rooms separated only by one door. Brave, yet awesome!!

The wedding was simply beautiful. Nicholas’s two beautiful children were gaining a second mom, and two families came together. There were tears, laughs, and everything in between. The party was electrifying – not even the rain could stop them. In the middle of a storm, everyone, soaked to the bone, continued to dance.

“Just document this day Aniya,” is what Amanda kept reiterating, and document I did.

Amanda and Nicholas, it was an absolute honor to document this day.

Wedding Venue: Santosha
Makeup: Makeup Artistry by Kia Foster Blades
Hair: Anya Wiles

Bride walks down the aisle with her father at Santosha Barbados

Bride and Groom portraits at Santosha, Barbados

Wedding reception at Santosha, Barbados

Film Project

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