Wedding at Belair Great House Barbados

Wedding at Belair Great House Barbados

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Wedding at Belair Great House Barbados

There comes a time when you just know that you and your clients were meant to be together. And Mary and Ed were just a pair I knew I’d be friends with. They laughed from the moment we met over a year ago, and every single time after there were smiles all over their faces. They finished each other’s sentences, and she always rested her head so gently on his shoulder.

When she walked into the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, it was as though the heavens shone it’s light on them. I can’t begin to describe the beauty.
Throughout the ceremony, they stole glances and let out little giggles – just plain old adorable.

What caught me most about this wedding, was the strong traditions that ran through it. From her grandmothers’ weddings rings pinned into Mary’s dress, to her grandfathers Jaguar as their get away car. Finally, during probably one of the most epic speeches, Mary’s dad presented Ed with a literal ball and chain that he was given at his wedding in the 1980’s.

Family and friends are what made this wedding so beautiful.

And it was.

So so beautiful.

Wedding Planner: Dawn Smith
Wedding Ceremony Venue: St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Wedding Reception Venue: Belair Great House
Hairstylist: Tenika Tang
Makeup Artist: Kia Foster Blades
Guitarist: David Collins
DJ: Andre Elias
Caterer: Anna Went

bride getting read at belair great house barbados


wedding at St. Patricks Cathedral Barbados

bridal portrait at Belair Great House Barbados

bride and groom first dance at Belair Great House Barbados


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