Floral decor for weddings: 8 beautiful ideas with your own hands

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Floral decor

Floral decor for weddings: 8 beautiful ideas with your own hands

Individuality and creativity are now appreciated without exaggeration in everything – in interiors, clothing, gifts and, of course, in the design of events. And what can be more important than your own wedding? Decorating the hall, the chairs, the photo area – all these things have been trusted to florists and decorators for years. But how about experimenting and doing the floral decor yourself? We already have 8 interesting ideas for you!

1. A floral heart for a wedding

For a tender and romantic heart, you’ll need thick cardboard or an old box, a box cutter and flowers. And also – ribbons, lace, sisal rope and different little things for decoration. From cardboard, cut out a heart-shaped base template (you can glue two identical ones together for strength).

Tie a ribbon or rope to it, from which you will make a loop to hang the decoration later. Trim the flowers, leaving a small part of the stem, and start laying them on the contour. For fixing, a stapler is best, although a glue gun will also work.

Lay out the buds tightly to completely hide the cardboard frame, and hide all the connections behind the leaves and petals. It remains only to lace the heart with ribbons, beads, and decorate with sequins or rhinestones. In the same style, you can make whole inscriptions or, for example, decorate only part of the heart with flowers.

2. Flower sculptures

An invaluable material when making floral decorations for a wedding is a floral sponge. It can be used to make small decorative arrangements for the table or even entire sculptures. Take ready-formed blocks or cut out the desired shape yourself.

Before you start, you need to soak the sponge a little with plain water. The sides can be covered with leaves, twigs, broad flat flowers or decorated with ribbons and lace. Cut off the buds for the composition, leaving a stem 8-10 cm long (depending on the thickness of the sponge). And then just poke the flowers tightly into the billet one by one to hide it completely.

3. Decorating wedding columns with flowers

Cascading flower arrangements are perfect for easy and beautiful column decorations. The main thing is to choose the right plants without a pungent scent, the right shape and in the same style. Be sure to make sure that all the buds are dense and strong, and the inflorescences are stable, otherwise they will quickly fall off right on the heads of guests.

Flowers can be sewn to the fabric, attached to a special grid, fixed with a stapler or simply glued. To make the column lush, but not garish, dilute the buds with curly greenery. Use lace, tulle and drapery, girts, wide ribbons and other decorations.

Floral decor

4. Wedding Flower Arch

The wedding arch is a symbol of the altar, the gateway to a new life and the birth of a new family. It is one of the most striking elements when decorating the wedding venue, so fresh flowers will be just right here. Just make sure that the arch, the floor vases, the bride’s bouquet and the rest of the floral decor match each other.

Be sure to take into account the width of the arch in combination with the opulence of the dress, as the newlyweds need to fit into it and not hinder the construction. Do not overload the frame so that it is stable, does not wobble and does not collapse. As weights at the base you can use whole flower vases with stones and sand.

It is good to drape the frame with chiffon, tulle or organza – they are light and airy. Use scotch tape, stapler and gimps to shape it. Start the decoration with paper flowers and other “eternal” elements, but it is better to add live buds closer to the ceremony.

5. Floral arrangements on the table

Instead of large bouquets, try decorating the wedding table with small floral arrangements. They look more elegant, don’t take up much space, and don’t interfere with your guests. Take different flowers that are left over from the arch and the floor decor, and arrange them into neat “ikebana”.

It is interesting to look bouquets of different plants, but in the same style or color scheme. Instead of vases, take small jars, cover them with lace, fabric or decorate with decoupage. Add greenery, ribbons, beads and other decorations – and the table decor is ready. By the way, the same mini bouquets can be handed out to guests as a nice little souvenir.

6. Decorating chairs with flowers

Massive fabric floor covers have long been out of fashion, but that’s no reason to give up graceful chair decor. Instead of draping it with a dense impenetrable fabric, take a wide piece of chiffon or organza, pass it through the rungs and pull it down with a ribbon tackle. And instead of a big corny bow, put flowers or whole green branches in the knot.

7. Wedding Glasses with Flowers

Holiday glasses decorated with fresh flowers or petals look very delicate and romantic. For this, you will need small inflorescences and buds or large flat petals – depending on the rest of the decoration. By the way, fabric petals look just as good, and they are easier and more convenient to work with.

Thoroughly wash, dry, and degrease glasses with alcohol so that details can hold well. Then start gradually laying petals, from bottom to top, using a glue gun to form a bud around the glass. The next layers carefully glue only along the bottom, and gently fold it with your hands.

Do not go all the way to the top – do not let them be too many. When you are done, wrap the bottom of the flower bed with tape for extra fastening, and to hide the joints and small traces of glue. All that’s left is to decorate the petals with light beads and rhinestone droplets.

8. Hanging floral decor

Suspended planters hanging from the ceiling above the table give the wedding hall an air of solemnity. They can be both bouquets and live vases, which you can then plant in the garden at the cottage. The main thing is that they should be in the same style, color scheme or concept.

The easiest, most affordable and at the same time reliable suspension is improvised baskets in macrame technique. All you’ll need is heavy rope, which should be cut into 6-8 pieces of the same length. Tie them at the bottom, leaving a decorative tassel, then knot them in pairs at the top, forming a small “carrier”, and tie a ring on top for hanging.