How to make a wedding program, tips on making a program for the wedding

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wedding program

How to make a wedding program, tips on making a program for the wedding

Modern wedding programs have become more bright, saturated and carefully organized. To make the celebration memorable for a long time for the guests and gave a lot of positive emotions to the newlyweds, we advise to make a wedding program in advance.

Planning a wedding: the main points

  1. The choice of a wedding host. Planning the programs of a wedding celebration is impossible without this person – he is the next in importance after the newlyweds. He should not be the star of the show – the stars here are the bride and groom – but it is he who must constantly remind the guests of this. A professional Toastmaster knows how to organically unite the different age generations of guests, to create an atmosphere of a magical holiday that is not forgotten. Be sure to meet with the host, talk in detail about yourself and your guests to facilitate his task – to entertain you for at least 7 hours.
  2. Plan the entertainment in the welcome area. A well-planned wedding day starts an hour and a half before the ceremony itself. To keep guests from getting bored, in addition to a table of champagne and drinks, you need to offer them some entertainment. This can be a beautifully organized photo area, a corner for the wishes of the young people.
  3. Creative numbers. They are necessarily included in the program of the event. This can be a dance show of artists, role-playing games with the participation of guests, the performance of magicians, acrobats and other masters of the genre. Any celebration with original numbers in the program will be an unforgettable event. But the main thing here is not to go overboard. A large number of shows and performances can distract attention from the main thing – the newlyweds, who are the central characters of the holiday.

Entertaining show program for the wedding

Magic art

Preparation of wedding programs – responsible business, so we recommend to entrust it to professionals, capable of turning any celebration into a fairy tale. Unique numbers of the wedding show should surprise, delight, delight, inspire. It is not something you can see every day. It is a completely unusual action, in which the masters of their craft take part – ballet dancers, illusionists, mimes. In general – the real wizards of the art world.


If you want to fill a wedding hall with smiles and positivity, invite a cartoonist. Kind cartoons and caricatures are sure to please the guests. Not all caricaturists are able to draw funny and not offend the person. The artist should have a sense of humor and be able to draw well and quickly, so that guests will laugh from the heart and take pleasant souvenirs in the form of funny portraits as a memento of your wedding.

Dance numbers

Today it is unthinkable to create programs for weddings without the participation of choreographic groups. They set the mood, excite the guests, and become the highlight of the wedding script.  The main thing is to choose dancers who specialize in the desired direction, such as gypsy or oriental dances. Traditional European weddings suggest a refined program, so the ideal would be a show ballet with dancing to classical compositions. If you want something more fiery, then choose exotic productions with colorful carnival costumes.

Live toys

They will delight not only young guests, but also adults. Large toys native to childhood – fairy tales and cartoons – will help make the photo shoot unique. They will fill the pauses between the main numbers of the show program, will help to avoid awkward moments and boring minutes.


Just imagine how beautiful it will be if during your wedding dance white doves will be released or peacocks will spread their luxurious tails. And how much joy will bring the guests a big talkative parrot or a funny monkey. Animals will help to liven up any holiday – guests will definitely want to see, pet, take pictures for memory.

Pop Stars

This pleasure is not cheap, but it is worth it. The brighter the show business star, the more expensive her services, because no one will come to a private event for free.

Toastmasters program

Saving on Toastmasters services is like playing roulette “lucky/unlucky”. If you’re lucky – the wedding will pass in the same breath, if not – it can turn into a nightmare. An experienced host knows how to keep guests in tone, will not allow conflict situations, will ensure that everyone is in a good mood.

As a rule, the toastmaster already has a ready and well-established wedding program. He works in tandem with the DJ, so awkward pauses and unpleasant surprises are excluded. The music is selected taking into account the wedding scenario – contests, dances, games, toasts to the young.

A few tips for newlyweds:

  • Be sure to review the program that the toastmaster offers. The entertainment script should not only fit the style of the wedding, but also like you. If the wedding host refuses to give you this information, it is a reason to be wary.
  • The services of a professional Toastmaster with extensive experience can be very expensive, but you should not save money here. If you choose the wrong person or even refuse to host, your wedding risks turning into a regular binge.
  • The script should be written for the specific couple. Programs of previous, albeit very successful celebrations, are not suitable here. In this case, the vulgar competitions and contests of inappropriate character should be excluded at once – leave them for family parties.
wedding program

The bride price

The bride price script should be no less detailed than the main program of the holiday. You need to come up with several wedding contests to make the process interesting for the guests.

  • Take care of the decoration of the room where the redemption will take place. Put up a poster with greetings, decorate the front room with balloons and ribbons.
  • Be sure to warn your neighbors that a party is planned. So that God forbid they don’t call the police, frightened by the noise.
  • Make a list of everything you need for the ransom, so as not to get confused in the hustle and bustle.
  • Remove unnecessary furniture from the room where the bride will be waiting. The bride-to-be does not take part in the process, she must wait for her betrothed.

Touching moments of the wedding

The first joint dance, the cutting of the wedding cake, the wedding bouquet … Each step at the wedding is an occasion to come up with something different, unique.

  • The bride and groom can sing a duet song instead of dancing.
  • Instead of throwing the bouquet to a crowd of girlfriends, give it to the one who dreams of marriage the most.
  • Come up with an easy mock task for those guests who want to shout “Bitter!” – let them shout and perform to the delight of the newlyweds and invitees.
  • To determine who the newlyweds will be born first, let the newlyweds play a game console.

To finish the wedding night should be necessarily bright. You can arrange a grandiose fireworks display, invite a fireworks show, or launch lanterns into the sky. And be sure to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and sharing this happy day with you.