How to personalize wedding rings: 8 original ideas for stylish jewelry

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How to personalize wedding rings: 8 original ideas for stylish jewelry

Engagement rings are considered symbols of love, so they should not just be beautiful and stylish, but also reflect the individuality of the couple. And although the selection of jewelry now is enormous, finding something of your own is not so easy! Of course, you can make rings to order by your own design, but it will cost a lot. portal suggests you look at the other side and personalize jewelry, giving them originality and filling them with special meaning. And we will talk not only about engraving wedding rings, but also about other no less interesting options.

Personalization ideas for wedding rings

Gold and silver, with or without stones, smooth and rough – the choice of wedding rings in jewelry salons is so wide that the eyes are simply confused. But all this jewelry, though beautiful, but faceless. You can make your wedding rings more personalized and original with a few ideas. Here are some ideas for you to create unique jewelry for yourself.

Imprint your rings with fingerprints or a heart rhythm

This idea of engraving on wedding rings is not new, but it still does not lose its relevance. After all, what could be more romantic than to put fingerprints or the rhythm of hearts on your main jewelry. Such engraving can be put both outside the ring and inside, hiding it from prying eyes. Either way, fingerprint engagement rings look spectacular and stylish!

Make a connecting engraving

Have a common pattern on the rings so that it can only be fully seen when the two pieces of jewelry are joined together. For example, it can be engraved on wedding rings in the form of a heart, the sun, a beautiful landscape, a symbolic inscription like “Love”. Such an idea has a rather simple meaning: the bride and groom become one.

wedding rings

Choose a ring with a stone of your zodiac sign.

If you don’t feel like putting inscriptions on your engagement rings, you can go in a different direction. Colored stones are simply mesmerizing in their beauty. So why not choose for yourself rings with such an inset, but not at random, but according to your Zodiac sign. Then the jewelry you choose will not only catch the eyes of others, but also bring you happiness. And so you know which piece of jewelry is right for you, we suggest you read the article about wedding rings by zodiac sign.

Inscribe your initials or a special date on your jewelry.

Inscriptions on wedding rings in the form of the newlyweds’ names or wedding dates is a slightly outdated idea, which is rarely seen in photos of modern jewelry anymore. You can make it newer by replacing the names with initials written in calligraphic handwriting. And along with the wedding date, you can write other important dates for you, such as acquaintances, engagements, etc. You’ll end up with a whole story of your love encoded in numbers.

Insert a gemstone inside your engagement ring

Not everything has to be in plain sight! If you think so, too, a subtle way to personalize your engagement ring is to place a small gemstone on the inside of your jewelry. It will symbolize your love and happiness that you don’t want to flaunt. Or you can play it differently and put two small stones into the rings at once. One will represent the bride, the second – the groom. And the headband itself will tie them together forever.

Play around with the number of stones.

You can not just give preference to wedding rings with stones, but to do it with a special meaning. It will be concluded in the number of inserts. For example, a wedding ring with five stones in a circle will mean that you got acquainted five years ago. Such an idea needs a lot of symbolism!

Emphasize the texture.

Everyone is used to engagement rings having a smooth surface. But who said that this rule should not be broken. It is quite possible to make engagement rings rough by playing with the texture of the material. It can be a sandy dust effect or something more fantastical, like a crater effect on a distant planet. See how unusual and effective such wedding rings look on the photo.

Make rings by your own hands

The last and most “radical” method of personalization – making rings by hand. Now you can find companies that offer newlyweds to make jewelry for the wedding in a special workshop. There, under the guidance of a jeweler, the bride and groom can make their own wedding rings. Of course, they may not turn out too neat, but the idea itself is a good one, isn’t it?! After all, on the day of the celebration you will wear jewelry, in the making of which you have invested your whole soul.