The most trendy wedding dress decor

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wedding dress decor

The most trendy wedding dress decor

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a couple. Every bride dreams to appear before the groom and the guests in a chic wedding image. Today, a huge range of outfits can meet the needs of every wife-to-be. Fashion designers suggest that brides should not be afraid to use the latest trends in their image. One of the “safest” options for such an experiment is the original decoration of the wedding dress. A bride should make a choice in favor of an outfit that will sit beautifully on the figure, so you should not always pay attention to fashionable styles. But the trendy jewelry for the dress will make the wedding image beautiful, stylish and modern. portal will tell the fashionable brides how to choose an exclusive dress for the wedding, which elements of the outfit are at the peak of popularity in 2020. By the way, even if you do not have the opportunity to buy a fashionable outfit, you can create it yourself: decorate a ready-made simple dress with your own hands.

Wedding dress with feathers

A bold and original decoration of the wedding dress for fashionistas will be feathers, which have long become a trendy decoration not only for brides, but also in everyday and evening style. Such elements can be placed both throughout the dress, and on its individual parts:

  1. If you prefer classics, a wedding dress with feathers at the waistline or on the sleeves will give your outfit lightness, airiness and tenderness.
  2. For girls who prefer a daring style, an unusual wedding dress made almost entirely of feathers can be an ultra fashionable solution.

Wedding dress with a bow

If you think that bows on items of clothing are outdated, then you are wrong. Today, this decorative element is one of the main fashion trends. Wedding dress with a bow in different variations appeared in many designers at fashion shows. This element can be placed in different parts of the outfit, can be different colors and shapes. Such a cute and charming decoration will suit any bride, regardless of her age and the theme of the wedding. It is important to choose the stylistically “right” version of the bow.

wedding dress decor

A wedding dress with beaded embroidery

Beading will never go out of fashion. A wedding dress with such decoration looks truly chic and unique. Fashion designers do not stop at monochrome embroidery, and present to our attention the original outfits with handmade embroidered lace, which is further decorated with beads and beads. Such a version of the bride’s outfit will look no worse than the expensive wedding dresses of stars for a few thousand dollars.

If you are a needlewoman, then you have all the possibilities to create a unique masterpiece with your own hands, decorating your wedding dress with beads. The main thing is to spend money on quality materials. In addition, the beading will take a long time, so it is better to start decorating the dress a few months before the celebration.

A wedding dress with ruffles

Recently, ruffles have become one of the leading elements of the decor of the wedding dress. They give the wedding image of the bride romanticism, femininity, a special gracefulness. Wedding dresses with ruffles in different variations of performance became a hit.

Wedding dress with pearls

One of the most fashionable wedding dresses will be an outfit with a decoration of pearls. You can choose a piece of clothing of any style and cut that suits you. Even the trendy transparent wedding dress will become ultra fashionable if you complement it with pearls. It can be used in the decoration of the corset, neckline and back. You can choose a wedding dress embroidered with pearls from top to bottom.

Wedding dress with 3D appliques

Another popular trend is 3D applications on the wedding dress. The most fashionable and stylish, which has earned the love of many brides – floral applications. Such a design of a wedding dress you will love at first sight, because the outfit looks very romantic and gives the image of the bride of lightness and weightlessness.

Wedding designers come up with unusual dresses with voluminous flowers made of different materials (beads, beads, crystals, fabric, etc.). In such an outfit you will not only impress everyone present at the wedding, but also feel like a real princess!

Wedding dress with fringe

Another great decor idea is the fringe on the wedding dress. This is a great option for a celebration in the style of the 20’s or 30’s or boho. Modern designers present to the attention of brides different variations of wedding dresses with fringe. It can cover the whole dress, as well as its individual elements: shoulders, back, neckline, plume or skirt. The fringe is made of different materials (leather, cotton thread, silk, velvet, chains). A wedding dress with fringe will help make your image feminine and light.

Wedding dress with a belt

Belts are special elements of a wedding dress that can add a special elegance and chic to even the simplest outfit. The belt can be any color, made of different materials, complemented by precious stones, pearls, beaded embroidery and other decorations. Such a fashionable element will help the bride to create a stylish image with notes of uniqueness or even extravagance.

We hopes that the information we gathered will be useful for you when choosing a wedding dress for your wedding, and maybe even inspire you to create your own dress design, which will surprise and fascinate with its beauty.