Where to put mirror in bedroom Feng Shui

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mirror in bedroom Feng Shui

Where to put mirror in bedroom Feng Shui

It is impossible to imagine any home without such a necessary object as a mirror. And it does not matter at all whose house it is, male or female, because everyone needs to constantly monitor his image, regardless of gender. Of course for every woman the mirror is one of the most necessary things and we can’t do without it. To correct hairstyle, to apply mascara or simply to touch up lips – all this would be impossible without such important things as a mirror.

Often times, doing repairs or simply rearranging the furniture in the apartment or house, we wonder where we should install the mirror. If we look at this question from the point of view of Oriental practice Feng Shui, we will discover many interesting nuances thanks to which we can learn how should be a mirror and where to put it correctly in order to have positive energy.

In many homes, the mirror is placed in the bedroom, but only few people know how to place it correctly in order to avoid that it can by no means be harmful and also what shape and what size it should be and many other important points.

Bedroom is a place where a person is resting and gaining strength for the next day. Here we sleep, so the room should have the energy of calm and tranquility. Many experts advise not to put mirrors in this space at all, as they contribute to the reflection of light, and this in turn increases the flow of energy. For other rooms it is very good, but the bedroom is not one of them. But many people simply can not imagine their life without a mirror in the bedroom, so there are a few tips that will help to make its location as harmless as possible for the person and the energy was positive and properly distributed.

What size should the mirror be?

If we talk about the size of the mirror, then there are no restrictions. The only thing is that, according to the method of Feng Shui, it is recommended to have at least one large mirror that will show the whole person. It is ideal for the bedroom, because most often in the bedroom a man is tidying up, getting dressed, doing hair and makeup. Therefore, in order to be able to assess your image, you should see yourself. A full-length mirror, according to the Chinese opinion, is of great importance because only a full face will let your energy be united, and only in this way you can reach your energetic and creative potential.

It is also believed that it is best to have a mirror of such a size that when you look into it there is a little empty space above your head. This is necessary in order to increase the line of growth. So, at the energetic level, it means that a person has something to strive for. It’s not only about career growth, but also about creative and spiritual growth.

The appropriate form of the mirror according to Feng Shui for the bedroom

It has long been believed that a mirror should “reflect” and “correct”, and this is what any mirror does, despite its shape. In ancient China, the Bagua mirror was the most popular. It had an octagonal shape and was placed on a substrate. From the point of view of Feng Shui it is considered as the strongest talisman and has a protective function. In no way should the bagua be placed in the bedroom, as well as in other living spaces. It should reflect all negative energy and being in a room it will in any case reflect to that person who is in the room and accordingly give its negative energy to that person. That is why such mirrors can be placed only outside the house.

Such mirrors calm the energy, which is exactly what is necessary for the bedroom. Do away with the square, rectangular and triangular shaped mirrors because they create a very large amount of energy and this is not necessary for the bedroom. A lot of energy will disturb your sleep and make it restless.

What should be reflected in the mirror?

Installing a mirror in the bedroom, according to Feng Shui, it is necessary to make it so that it reflects only the positive energy. This can be done by placing certain objects near or in front of the mirror. It is best if it will be photos with the happiest and most joyful moments of your life or lives of your family and friends. Some people use for such purposes any fresh flowers that you like.

You can also go to a specialty store Feng Shui and buy there special amulets or talismans. In such stores you will find a large selection of such things that have different functions. There are talismans:

  • for love;
  • profit;
  • health;
  • welfare, etc.

If to place them opposite to a mirror, they will bring you that energy which you will need at that moment.

Mirror in bedroom Feng Shui

Ideal location of the mirror in the bedroom

The mirror in the bedroom according to Feng Shui should be placed opposite the paired symbols or talismans. Positioning the mirror in such a way will strengthen your family union and bring positive emotions into the relationship.

If the size of the room makes it impossible to place the mirror in such a manner, it is necessary either to hang it at night with any coverlet or cloth or to place a small screen. This rule concerns not only Feng Shui, but also many other directions. There are some versions why you should not place the mirrors in this way.

Why can’t I have a mirror in the bedroom in front of the bed? Despite the technological process, still no one knows for 100% how the process of sleep occurs and what is sleep itself. Also, people still do not know what the human soul does during dreams. It is considered that a mirror is an otherworldly conductor or a conductor to the parallel world and various magicians and witches use it just for such purposes. That’s why in no case the mirror reflects the person sleeping in the dream.

According to another version, it is considered that such an arrangement of the mirror leads to the appearance of the “third person”. It says that to a man and a woman, who are in the same bed and are displayed through the mirror, someone else is added. In ancient China, it was believed that this could lead to one of the spouses having a mistress or lover on the side.

It is believed that the mirror placed this way will transmit the reflected energy Qi outward, that is, you will not receive it. Thus, your success and well-being will be greatly reduced.

Many Feng Shui experts recommend placing a mirror in the bedroom that can be turned to the wall at night. This refers to small mirrors, which can be placed on a dressing table or nightstand.

If you have a mirrored closet or large mirror on the wall and your bed is not displayed in it, experts still advise hanging it up at night. The thing is that during the night a person may get up several times and as he passes through it, he will receive a large flow of energy, and this in turn interferes with a restful sleep.

What is the best mirror for the bedroom?

If you want to improve your home interior and normalize all the space in your home, then according to Feng Shui it is considered that the best mirror to use is the one that is placed in a frame. Such a mirror will retain positive energy much longer and transfer it in the necessary direction.

Some tips for taking care of a mirror

If you properly install the mirror, based on the ancient Taoist practice of Feng Shui, it can carry not only positive energy, but also negative, if you care for it incorrectly. Because during quarrels, arguments and other negative emotions a mirror absorbs negative energy. You should periodically wipe it with a damp cloth. It should always be clean and then it will carry only positive energy.

The mirror itself keeps many secrets and mysteries which we still do not know. But one thing is certain: you can’t do without it, especially if we are talking about the bedroom. But if we use it correctly according to the method of Feng Shui, then your house will always have only positive energy.