Decorating the wedding hall: the best ideas

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Decorating the wedding hall: the best ideas

Despite the fact that for many popular wedding styles, nature is the ideal venue, most Ukrainian brides still prefer restaurants and cafes. A celebration in nature, of course, is a very attractive idea: picturesque landscapes are the main decoration of the celebration, so often we do not have to spend money on a photo area or on floristics! And yet, this material will talk about the decoration of the wedding hall: we will tell you how to create a fairy tale indoors!

Decorating the wedding hall is a whole TOP of ideas concerning different corners of the main location of the celebration. We will inspire you, and the decor studios will help you implement the ideas you like. 

We will discuss the decoration of the wedding hall on the examples of separate zones, and also tell and show, what materials it is better to use to decorate a wedding celebration!

The decoration of the newlyweds’ presidium and the wedding hall decorations

The table where the bride and groom sit, the backdrop behind the lovers and the decor surrounding this area are always in the spotlight. To the presidium, as professionals call this location, the lenses of cameras and cameras, as well as the gazes of all guests are fixed. Perhaps these arguments are enough to understand: the decoration of the wedding hall requires, first of all, the correct design of this area. 

The backdrop behind the newlyweds

The presidium of the newlyweds can be the basis, and all the rest of the decor will repeat and continue it. First of all, the right background behind the newlyweds should be chosen. It is a question of color and light harmony: the area should be decorated in such a way that it looks flawless both in life and in photos and videos. It is inadmissible to use materials that create glare, blinding additional light. You can use flowers, greenery, balloons, fabrics and draperies, inscriptions made of wood and other materials, garlands. 

Wedding Table Decorations

The young couple’s table is not the same as the guests’ tables. For example, tall centerpieces on the invitees’ round tables are stylish and beautiful. On the honeymooners’ table, however, such d├ęcor will look somewhat ridiculous. In general, a common mistake is to pile up the decor on the bridal table. Flower arrangements, garlands, drapery – all this should be used with a sense of proportion.    

The best way to decorate the wedding table are lying garlands made of natural materials, low wooden inscriptions, some candles are acceptable. Remember that the faces of the young people and their glasses should be visible: do not create obstacles to the shooting. 

Decor of the wedding guests table

The decoration of the wedding hall includes the decor of the guest tables. This is a very important area in the overall concept of the celebration, because it is also the largest. Harmony of decorations on the tables creates a pleasant general impression. Table decorations include textiles (tablecloths, table linen, napkins), seating cards, menus (if desired), tableware and cutlery, and central compositions. 

To begin the planning of this area it is necessary to choose the type of seating. Of course, here everything depends on the size of the hall and the number of guests. But be sure: no matter what shape the tables were and how they were arranged, with professional decorators you will be able to do everything perfectly.

Festive textiles

Many people think that the most important thing is the unusual and rich compositions on the tables, but this is not true. The first thing to pay attention to is the selection of tablecloths, placemats, and napkins. A general look at the wedding hall will catch the eye for the color of the walls, ceiling, and the hues of the wedding table decorations. Make sure that your hall is not too gloomy: for example, if the walls are very dark, dark tablecloths are out of the question. 

Do not be afraid to experiment: many people are accustomed to white tablecloths and chair covers, but this is by no means a trend. Stripes, abstract, polka dots, bright colors: only the style, color and theme of the feast, and not stereotypes should influence the choice of textiles for the celebration. 

Central compositions on the tables of guests

The decoration of the wedding hall is not limited to the selection of harmonious color combinations. The real freedom for creativity gives the decorators the freedom to work with compositions on the guests’ tables. 

The perfect solution is the compositions with fresh flowers. They can be placed in vases, jars, wooden boxes lay out on the tables in the form of garlands or wreaths. Geometric florariums are especially popular: such “vases” look unusual and stylish.  

A trendy trend is the use of dried flowers. Such compositions look minimalistic and at the same time absolutely full without extra details like candles, vases, etc.

Magnificence and grandeur can reflect the high central compositions. They tower over the tables, showing all the beauty of flowers!

But let’s not limit ourselves to the framework: decorating the wedding table with flowers is not the only way to make it beautiful! There are other unconventional types of decor – candles, cones, greenery, fruits and vegetables, garlands and bulbs. 

Chair Decorations

There’s a separate article on this topic on Hot Wedding about chair decor for weddings. But as ardent opponents of standard bow covers, we can’t stop saying it over and over again: ribbons, fabrics, beads, and flowers can all be used to decorate chairs. The only question is how to do it!

When choosing a restaurant or a cafe, we strongly recommend to pay attention not only to the walls, but also to the furniture: beautiful wooden chairs or original soft chairs will relieve you from the necessity to cover them with fabrics. Furniture without covers looks really fashionable and European.


Another common stereotype is white tableware for weddings. Of course, for a classic celebration, a dinner party style celebration, this option is really appropriate. But if you are trying to get away from the traditional perception and organize a feast in the boho style or decorate everything in a certain color, tableware – plates, glasses, glasses – will be an excellent tool in the design of the banquet hall. 

Don’t be afraid of brightly colored tableware, add handmade ceramics, choose unusual ornaments, approve of natural motifs, and definitely don’t pass by colored glass!

Wedding hall decor: photo area

Photo area in nature, of course, is easier to arrange, as the open area is always the best lighting and less restrictions on the area. So let’s start with some useful tips: at a wedding in a restaurant or cafe, some zones can be made multifunctional. For example, combine the photo area with a wedding arch, or use the wedding arch also as a background behind the newlyweds. 

Indoor photo area – can consist of a beautiful photo background, can be decorated with floral arrangements, balloons, made of screens or doors. Very effective look photo-zones – rooms with furniture and other props for the photo session.

An arch for the ceremony in the banquet hall

Weddings in a restaurant, bad weather and the absence of a green area near the institution do not cross out the possibility of exit ceremony. All you need is to arrange a wedding arch right in the hall. 

The best option is to make it minimalist, mobile, so that if necessary, it can be brought in/removed into the room. Geometric structures made of wood and metal and decorated with flowers and other materials will work best for the ceremony in the hall. 

Decor of the dance area

There will certainly be dancing at your celebration, so it is simply necessary to prepare the dance floor accordingly. If this location in the room is not allocated a special platform or specially laid flooring, just need to use the decor. 

This can be suspended decorations – garlands of plants and bulbs, candles in special glass-protected vessels and green garlands around the perimeter of the site, volumetric letters.   

wedding hall

Decorating the hall: children’s and relaxation area

If you rent a very large space but don’t fill it with the main zones, create additional ones! This should include a lounge or relaxation corner, as well as a children’s area. 

Relax area indoors.

It is quite difficult to arrange in one room and a place for dancing, and a corner for relaxation and quiet communication. It is almost impossible in terms of noise insulation, because no screen will not isolate the corner completely, but here you can arrange it with comfortable sofas, poufs, carpets definitely!

Children’s area at the wedding

It is not enough to make a fascinating program of entertainment for young guests of the party, it is also necessary to provide a place for creative activities, eating and active games! Separate the location while leaving it within sight of the parents! Set it up with a table, perhaps a rug and poufs. Make sure the flooring is non-slippery, there are no draughts or sharp corners that children can get hurt on. 

Decorating the wedding hall and the kendi bar 

The candy bar equally serves two important functions – a place for sweets and a place for cool decor! Let the sweet table perfectly reflect the intended style and blend in with the other details of the celebration. Pay attention not only to the menu, but also to the tableware, tablecloths, flatware, decorative arrangements, and the table itself or the pedestal where the treats will be placed!

The look of your party heavily influences impressions and memories! Therefore, prepare with heart and spare no effort to realize your wildest decorating dreams!