Omen about the bride’s bouquet

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bride's bouquet

Omen about the bride’s bouquet

One of the most important and touching moments in everyone’s life is, of course, the wedding. For the celebration, the couple prepares in advance, thinking through all the nuances: what will be the wedding table, what will the groom wear, and what dress to choose for the bride. No less important in the pre-holiday rush to choose the right bouquet. By the way, there are many different folk omens and superstitions associated with this attribute, which not only help to decide on the design, choose the most appropriate flowers, but also prompt what to do with the bride’s bouquet after the wedding.

How did the tradition originate?

The custom of throwing the bouquet of the bride at the wedding appeared long ago. However, it appeared quite spontaneously, and no one could even assume that this tradition survives to this day. In the Middle Ages the wedding took place in a magnificent and solemn way. They prepared for it in advance, inviting a huge number of guests. At the end of the dinner they were sure to accompany the spouses to the marriage bed. At the same time it was considered a good sign to tear at least a tiny piece of the bride’s dress, which, of course, was offensive to spoil a beautiful and expensive thing. Nobody even noticed how instead of the dress the girls started to throw flowers to the guests and they, in their turn, tried to catch and not to miss a single bud.

In Kievan Rus there was a tradition of its own. All the unmarried and single girls gathered in a room and made a farewell dance. At that time the hero of the occasion would stand in the center, close her eyes and in gratitude for congratulations would give out to the participants the plants, which were with her the whole day. At the same time giving out all to the last leaf and leaving nothing to herself.

The omens of the bouquet

According to tradition, the groom should buy the bouquet himself. In this case, each bud in it has its own meaning, and the decoration chosen should reflect the love story of the couple. By accepting the gift, the beloved once again confirms her intention to marry this very person.

bride's bouquet

The choice of variety

It is very important to choose all the components correctly, so take into account the meanings of wedding omens about the bouquet of the bride.

  1. Roses speak of a very strong and mutual feeling of the couple. However, much depends on what color they are. Red roses according to omens symbolize a bright and strong feeling, all-consuming passion. White and pink roses represent tender and reverent feelings for the loved one. Yellow roses mean that the man you are not only a beloved woman, but also the closest friend. But the tea roses are a harbinger of a couple’s short life together.
  2. Do you have a bouquet of orchids? This means that the man is not hiding his feelings and intentions. He’s decided for sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. It is a symbol of tenderness and great affection.
  3. Chrysanthemums mean sincere feelings. The man is intoxicated by you, as intoxicating and intoxicating as the smell of these beautiful buds.
  4. A young man gave you lilies? This means that he is fully ready for married life. In a marriage, such a man will be a reliable and caring husband.

Do not include carnations, gladioluses and ferns in the composition, as these plants have quite a heavy energy, which can spoil the mood for the entire holiday day.


How many buds according to folk beliefs should be in a bouquet? First, it should, of course, be an odd number. Keep in mind, you need to avoid such a combination as 11 and 13. Secondly, the best option would be a number associated either with the date of birth of the girl, or with a date that is memorable for the future spouses.

The color scheme should match the bride’s outfit and the overall style of the ceremony. On the other hand, it is better to choose light and gentle tones with small bright accents. Of course, you should not include black colored plants in the decor. According to omens, the shape of the composition should be spherical. At the same time, it is important that all the buds are aligned in height. This means that the spouses will always coincide in their views and aspirations.

The most popular customs

What other wedding bouquet omens must be observed?

  1. To the future wife – with a gift. It is important that the flowers in the house to the bride just before the marriage ceremony. The groom passes them from hand to hand, as a symbol of his love. Other people should not touch them.
  2. Property of the bride. The entire day the bouquet should be near the girl. Before the wedding, it is not worth giving it to anyone in the hands. Otherwise, along with it, you can give away a part of the family well-being. And after the wedding, it should be near the newlyweds as a decoration of the festive table. For this purpose, it should be necessarily placed in water.
  3. Throwing the bouquet. According to tradition, all unmarried girls present at the celebration become a semicircle, and the bride turns her back to them, and throws flowers. Whoever catches them, and to whom luck smiled in the form of a fallen presentation, must surely save it. In this case, according to the beliefs, the girl will soon meet her love and get married. The main thing is that during the throwing the flowers did not fall on the floor.

What to do with a bouquet afterwards

One of the most ancient omens says that together with flowers the bride can lose her happiness. How then to act correctly in this situation? To begin with, calm down. There is nothing terrible here. The way out is simple! Use a stand-in, and leave the wedding flowers with you. Such a bouquet is purchased so as not to break tradition. It is usually not very large in size and lighter, because when you catch it, it should not cause harm. Of course, its decor should fully coincide with the theme of the holiday.

You do not want to resort to such a cardinal method, and you do not know where to put the flowers? Take advantage of expert advice and decorate your home with them.

  1. Decorate a corner in the apartment with wedding things. Flowers can be placed in the center of the composition, adding there also photos from the wedding ceremony and other memorabilia.
  2. Use plants to make a wall panel. By framing it in a beautiful frame, you will create an original and unique d├ęcor for the home interior.
  3. Make a collage of wedding photos and beautifully complement it with boutonnieres. The picture will serve as a daily reminder of the happiest moment in life.

If, preparing for your wedding, you have decided to strictly follow folk customs and traditions, be sure to take into account the above tips. The omens associated with the bouquet of the bride, it’s not difficult to perform. But after that you will feel more confident, because luck and love will be on your side. The correctly chosen wedding bouquet will surely make the solemn day for your couple happy and unforgettable!