Decorating a wedding album with your own hands

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Decorating a wedding album with your own hands

Creating a wedding album decoration with your own hands is quite symbolic, find ideas for decoration, because the wedding album is so important! A wedding is a grand and joyous holiday in the family. It is preceded by many months of preparation, excitement, and joyful worries. And finally, this day has arrived. Excited to the point of fainting, happy parents, smiling relatives. The centerpiece of the photos are the bride and groom. They are the heroes of the day. Stunning dress and finely thought-out accessories – gloves, garter, cape, purse. The bride-to-be has never put on such an outfit. She feels like the queen of the ball.

And now the holiday has rumbled away, her emotions have settled. And you want to enjoy every moment of the wedding in silence. Before you – a bunch of bright, touching, funny, humorous photos. Keep them for years to come for posterity will help the wedding album. You can buy it in a store. But then it will be just a place to store photos. And if you make an album for wedding photos with your own hands, you can make a signature or comment to each of them, to put a piece of your soul into this family heirloom. Many years after the picture will be just as bright and appetizing piled on the table in front of the newlyweds white wedding cake, as gently will put the wedding ring on the young bride’s slender finger of the excited groom.

A few wedding album options

On the store shelves you will find a variety of photo albums with different types of fastening photos in them. The master – class of decorating the album with their own hands you can find on the Internet.

Sheets with “pockets” for photos.

Plastic transparent envelopes protect the photo from damage and dust. You can easily take out the photos, change places. Such mounts are faceless, identical, suitable for photos of the same format. The album will look like just a succession of frames. The cover is chosen according to the tastes of the owners.

Sheets are magnets.

This newfangled invention allows you to place photos in different angles. They are attached to the page and held on it with an adhesive substance. On top, the photos are covered with a special film. This is a convenient beautiful original option. But over time, you do not know how the magnetic tape will behave, whether the adhesive will dry out. In this case you can simply lose your pictures, they will fall out of the album no matter how strong the cover is.

wedding album

Corner mounts

This is an outdated, but reliable way to store family photos. Such a folio can be made in the old style. After all, this is exactly how they used to attach photos to albums. First, they glued beautiful carved corners on thick sheets, and then inserted portraits into them. And as practice shows, such fasteners survived more than one generation and the history of the family was preserved in the albums without loss.

Look at the Internet for a master class on decorating the corners. If the album will be styled like the old days on these mounts you can plant decorative elements – lace, sequins, applique. If the cover is tasteful, you get a unique vintage-exclusive work of decorative creativity.

The inscriptions under the photos

The wedding album is not just a series of photos. Comments, captions and wishes turn it into a family heirloom. The master class on the design of inscriptions with their own hands is not useful to you. Show your imagination. Then the photos will find a voice and sound. How can it be done practically? On the first page, place the main ceremonial photo of the young couple. Under it you can write “Congratulations to your loved one (lover). Here the bride and groom can leave warm words about their feelings for years. Surely there will be photos of parents, close relatives. Under the photos in the album, ask them to write their wishes or farewells. Adults will be happy to do it.

Your wedding photo album, decorated with their own hands, can be an anti-stress therapy in the gloomy days for the family. Warm memories of the happy start of family life will help bring back the freshness and depth of feelings. Instead of fighting, watch wedding photos together, sitting on the couch head to head. And all the problems will recede.

Master-class on cover design

First, the binding and the cover must be strong, well-stitched, and, best of all, stitched. After all, it will be quite weighty and thick. Store photo book covers are made of artificial or genuine leather, velvet, silk. Each couple chooses to their taste. The album should hold at least 50-60 pictures.  The cover should be thick thick thick with a screen for photos of the newlyweds. The master – class gives many options. If your wedding album with their own hands will be kept in a place of honor, rather than in a closet in a pile of other books, the first cover can be decorated with flowers, lace, lined with pearl beads hearts or rings.

The color of the cover is a matter of everyone’s taste. Some people like a presentable natural skin color. And the bride may choose a white satin album. It will be marked with a couple’s portrait of the newlyweds. For the cover it is necessary to choose the best quality photo. The decoration with handmade velvet or lace looks luxurious and unique.

Master – class on building the “storyline” of the album

The album should reflect the interests and preferences of its owners. That is, the taste and imagination of the bride and groom will be reflected on its pages. It should not only be a portrait line, but rather a photo reportage of the events of the wedding day.

After the portraits of the bride and groom on the first page you can put photos of the following moments:

  • the gathering of the bride and groom at the parents’ house;
  • children’s photos;
  • wedding motorcade decoration;
  • redemption of the bride;
  • wedding ceremony in a registry office or on a beautiful lawn. Here be sure to capture the young couple exchanging rings and their first public kiss and first dance of the newlyweds. Take advantage of the moment, capture the bride in a circle of other brides. Call the photo “Bouquet of happiness”;
  • photo session in beautiful places and near monuments with laying flowers. It’s a tradition;
  • every family has elderly relatives who cannot attend the wedding reception. The young will respect them very much if they remember them on this festive day and stop by their homes in beautiful cars and in wedding attire. The photos with the elderly are always very touching and warm;
  • a large section of the album is devoted to the wedding feast with its traditional contests, rituals, cheese ceremony. And so on. The fun reigns here;
  • the night fireworks and the departing motorcade of the young spouses.

Style of the wedding album design

Decorating a photo album with their own hands for the newlyweds is a serious matter. They put their imagination and artistic taste into it. The album should match the style of the wedding reception. If the style is European, the bride’s gown and the groom’s strict tailcoat will look exquisite in strict colors and noble decoration material. This is velvet, satin, lace. A master – class on the Internet gives recommendations on the style combination.

Involve a specialist in the design, if possible. He will give you a master – class on all types of work on the album. There is an original scrapbooking technique. It is a style of decoration that uses lace, ribbons, beads, sequins, foil.

Scrapbooking master class

  • Making a scrapbook entirely with our own hands. The format of the sheets is calculated according to the available photos. On each sheet put one picture and decorate it. Sheets of watercolor paper connect for density in pairs with glue. Decorate sheets of gold patterns with stencils. At the edges of sheets of dry brush with gold.
  • Separately cut out backing sheets for photographs. On them we apply the fragments of the pattern with the same stencils. In the corners of these sheets we make slits for photos. Glue the backgrounds to the sheets and place the photos on them.
  • You can glue lace, satin ribbon, sequins, and flowers around the backing. But before you decorate the photos. Think about design, in the motley should not lose the photos themselves.
  • For the cover cut out heavy cardboard a little bigger than the album sheets. Cover it with velvet or other beautiful material. You can decorate it with the inscription “Happiest Day”, “Happy Wedding Day”.You can decorate these inscriptions with small pearls or beads. On the other cover with his hands make a beautiful applique of white flowers or stretch a strip of beautiful lace.
  • For voluminosity under the velvet you can put sheets of synthetics.
  • Assemble all the parts, as shown in the video master class. To do this, we make holes in the sheets and covers with a hole punch, put rings in them. Such a connection makes it possible to freely open the album without damaging the sheets and photos.