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Photo entertainment

Photo entertainment for guests

How to add a twist to your wedding? Many newlyweds are always on the lookout for good ideas, and, of course, this is where photo entertainment is essential. After all, everyone loves to be photographed! If the budget allows – choose a photo booth or instaprinter. If finances are limited, the best choice will be a photo area or a press wall.  Now let us have a closer look at each type of photographic entertainment.

Photo booth

A photo booth at your wedding will take pictures and instantly print all of your guests bright pictures! One of the popular models is a booth with a curtain. Booths are available for up to 6, 8, 12 and 15 people. Photo booth is very compact, can be placed in almost any corner of the foyer or hall. Setup takes no more than an hour and a half.

The first reason to order a photobooth at the wedding: everyone loves to be photographed and probably want to leave not only the virtual frames from the celebration, but also quite real photos, which can be placed in a frame, an album or simply attached to the wall. As a rule, the place where the machine is – the most popular in the hall (of course, after the dance floor). Photo booth does not require the presence of a photographer, and that’s a big plus. People get an opportunity not to dwell on how they are perceived by another person, and they behave naturally in front of the camera lens. Therefore, photos from the booth are not as uptight as if the guests had to pose in front of a professional photographer’s camera. And in the booth you can take dozens or hundreds of shots, and then choose what you like. Before the camera shutter goes off, the image appears on the screen, and everyone involved in the shooting can see themselves perfectly.

The second reason is that you don’t pay for the number of photos printed, but for the time the photo booth is with you. Unlimited number of photos + original background + good mood = the best experience, which, moreover, you can take with you!

For active users of social networks it is possible to set up a transfer of photos by the necessary link to a personal page, event page or e-mail, as well as to save the photos on a disk or USB-flash drive.

You can also make a video. For example, you can shoot a video greeting and send it immediately to social networks.

All pictures, if necessary, at the end of the shooting are written to your hard drive.

It will be an excellent substitution for a photo booth if the banquet hall cannot accommodate a large structure. An integral advantage of the photo booth is that a lot more guests can fit into the frame, which allows you to take original pictures. Also, you can choose absolutely any background for the photo! Think about setting the background in advance. This is important for getting beautiful pictures. Perhaps it will be a press wall, or a beautiful composition in the interior.

Another positive aspect of the photo booth is that the price of a photo booth is cheaper than the classic photo booth.Also unlimited number of photos. You will only pay for the rent.

It is possible to immediately upload photos to social networks and send them to e-mail.


A retro Polaroid wedding is a great way to capture your very first wedding photos and see them the same day. Thanks to the wonderful properties of the Polaroid – you will get atmospheric photos that convey the magic of the celebration. A good idea is to leave the camera in a designated place along with a wish book. Guests will have to take a picture, paste it into the album and write a few lines. It’s original and will be remembered for a lifetime.

Photo entertainment

Disposable Cameras

Very good as entertainment. Namely, the wedding through the eyes of the guests. Agree, it will be fun to look at all the pictures that are made by your mothers, grandmothers and friends. It happens that the most interesting shots are caught in the lenses of non-professionals.

Tip: The earlier you decide to use disposable cameras, the better. As a rule, they are imported directly from China. Given the speed of the mail, you can assume that delivery may not be on time. Keep this in mind if you decide to purchase disposable cameras for your wedding.

Photo area

A photo area for a wedding is a specially designed space where everyone can take a picture. It gives the opportunity to take original pictures, and also, it is a great solution for entertaining guests. Additionally, you can prepare various props, for example, wigs, hats, different glasses, etc.

During the organization of the photo area for the wedding should take into account:

  1. The general concept of the wedding or, on the contrary, do something contrasting and bright.
  2. If the photographer at the wedding is just physically unable to cope with the work, you can initially invite another or put a camera in an equipped corner for the guests to shoot each other.
  3. If you have equipped a photo area at some distance from the venue of the event, then make a special sign in advance, which should be installed near the entrance.
  4. The possibility to make several locations that can be easily changed, creating a new background for photos.

The original idea as a photo area to use a huge crescent moon. It will look fabulous on the photo!

Very beautiful will look photo area, decorated in the form of a wall of flowers. It certainly does not cost cheap, but you can easily use artificial flowers instead of fresh ones.

Press wall

You can use this type of wedding decoration for your wedding reception place as the wedding press wall.

A wedding press wall is a multifunctional equipment that:

  • On the one hand, it is used to decorate the space of the banquet hall, where the wedding reception is held;
  • On the other hand, a wedding press wall is a photo wall, with which an unusual idea of photo session is organized with the guests of the celebration, which helps to capture the most original and colorful photos of the memory of this wonderful event.

It should be taken into account how exactly the photo session will take place, how many people are to be photographed at the same time, are there any tall people among them. For group photos we recommend a press wall width of 3 meters and for single or double sessions 2 meters is enough.


A tentamarress is a stand (frame), on which a panel with images and holes for the faces (hands, feet) of people being photographed is fixed.Tantamarress for weddings is a way to diversify your wedding photo session. Make it fun and colorful. In addition, it is also a great entertainment for guests. If you have such a photo wall, for sure everyone will want to take a photo with their participation.